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If you want aggressive debt collection, you need a commercial collection attorney who will promptly take action. Timing is everything in collections. A delay of even 30 days could substantially impair a judgment creditor’s right to collect on a judgment. Prompt action is absolutely essential to successful collection practice.

Stephen’s commercial collections practice is founded upon years of lender representation. He has represented several Southern California banks and has been entrusted with collection of millions of dollars. For over 20 years, he has successfully seized property, accounts and funds using writs of execution, personal property judgment liens, keepers and other judicial devices. He effectively uses judgment debtor exams to force debtors to disclose assets that would otherwise be unattainable.

Stephen is also experienced in Bankruptcy Court as a creditor’s attorney. If a debtor owes your company money and decides to file a Petition in Bankruptcy, Stephen has extensive experience recovering funds in Bankruptcy Court. He has successfully tried Adversary Actions in Bankruptcy Court, effectively nullifying the effect of the bankruptcy, in order to get his clients paid.

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